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Water Pumps

With modern technology & innovative solutions

Perfect to work under conditions which are suitable for hard or soft water, our water pumps gives you that extra confidence of longevity and durability. Our water pumps works for municipal, residential, agricultural, petroleum and commercial markets. With our constant innovation we have made our products work in the toughest of test performed in the state or art production unit. Our products range from Monoblock pumps to submersible cooler pumps which comes with a warranty period.

Monoblock Pumps

Making less use of energy, portraying a balanced and definite construction and low operational cost is what defines Indo Monoblock Pumps.

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Submersible Cooler Pumps

Well-designed and iron cased thats has apt lubricated bearings helps our submersible pumps to last longer.

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Indo Product Service and Support

At Indo, we are always happy to help in ways that we can.


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