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Water Heater

Experience Comfort Bathing

Do you get winter shocks when you take bath? Or you need Luke warm water through the year for your soft skin? Well here we are to rescue you, In the chilly winters we ensure that you get instant hot water with our Industry acclaimed products. We promise you safety, quality, finish and elegant designs for your bathrooms. With Indo Water heaters you can expect a comfort in your bathing experience, as it provides instant and healthy warm water which is soft on your skin.

Storage, Gas & Instant Water Heater

Premium Water Heater are the latest innovation from Indo in designer Water Heater category.

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Immersion - Rod

Need quick hot water?
Living alone or in hostel?
Then this is the quick fix for you.

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Indo Product Service and Support

At Indo, we are always happy to help in ways that we can.

Water Heater

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